I’ve started a little side project. It’s called All New Tech, and it’s a small, simple website dedicated to sharing fun and fascinating new tech.

As I explain on the “About” page, the entire premise behind All New Tech is to concisely share and summarize “products and services, answering the age-old questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.”

Occasionally, I’ll provide context where necessary and/or link out to other publications that have more thorough coverage. But my goal for each post is to succinctly summarize new tech as simply as possible.

I created the site because it’s something I wish existed. While there are a few similar sites, none I could find fit the form of what I was envisioning. I hope you can get some occasional value from it too, regardless of how techy you may or may not be.

For full disclosure, I do plan to eventually use affiliate links where appropriate to cover the (admittedly small) operating costs of the site and (arguably more importantly) to support my coffee habit. But what’s covered on All New Tech will never be determined by whether or not I could potentially earn affiliate money and there will never be banners or pop-up ads on the site.

As with all of my projects, there’s a chance I’ll become bored with this in three months and never touch it again. But so long as I’m having fun with it, I’ll keep updating it as time and energy permits.