One of our family goals this past year was to explore more of Michigan, the state we proudly call home. While traveling with two young children is far from convenient, we managed to make it to nearly every corner of the lower peninsula.

One of our family goals going into 2024 is to further explore Michigan and The Great Lakes that surround us. Specifically, we hope to make it to the upper peninsula as a family. I had the opportunity to explore some of the U.P. this year thanks to a work trip, but I was only briefly able to see the beauty and solitude it affords. Now it’s time to explore it with my wife and two ever-curious children.

These shots are a few black-and-white photographs I captured on one of the aforementioned trips—specifically, a trip to Muskegon, Michigan. They were shot on a Nikon FM2 with Tri-X 400 exposed at the rated ISO. I’ve been exploring a bit with Acros II over the past year or two after I picked up a few dozen rolls at an unbeatable price, but I always come back to Tri-X when I’m looking for flexibility. It can be pushed, pulled, and adjusted during development to no end and always comes out with the results I’m expecting. The perfect utilitarian film stock.