I’ve spent a bit of time this week reducing my online footprint.

I’ll never get it to zero. After all, I’ve spent the past 13 years building an online portfolio of writing, photography, and video work under my own name for various publications whose content I no longer have any control over. But aside from the publications I’ve written for over the years (and continue to in my current role), my goal is to get my footprint as small as possible in terms of deleting social profiles and other content that shows up in search.

In an ideal world, I would’ve started my career with a pseudonym and kept with it over the years. But as an 18 year old with a unique name, I figured I’d run with it. Not to mention I started in photo/journalism, where pseudonyms are rather frowned upon. Alas, it is what it is and all I can do now is to delete, discontinue, and remove what I can in hopes the inevitable link rot will do the rest.