Jennifer Aldrich in a Medium post titled “Remote work is more than a job perk—for people with chronic illness, it’s life changing":

Remote work allows people who are chronically ill to have full time jobs & excel in them. Some people don’t understand how empowering that is.

This is something I consistently think about, not only in the broader sense and for others, but also as it pertains to my own life and career.

I didn’t start writing (with compensation) until after I was in remission following my ABVD treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma, but I constantly imagine what I could do to continue to support my family were another illness to strike. Thankfully, my remote work would likely afford me the opportunity to continue to provide, albeit likely at a much slower pace, but I know not everyone is that fortunate.

Remote work isn’t the perfect solution for every situation. But as Aldrich notes, it can provide not only compensation for those who might not be able to work in an office environment, but also a sense of community, purpose, and empowerment, which — I can attest all too vividly — are incredibly important when you can otherwise feel distanced from the world.